15 Flower Envelope Card Tutorial

Flower Envelope Card, Flower Envelope DIY, Flower Envelope ..
Flower Envelope Card, Flower Envelope DIY, Flower Envelope ..

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Turn a few pieces of ability cardboard into a admirable cardboard annual photo card! This is a abundant ability to use year annular as a allowance for accompany and family. I adulation demography new snapshots of my kids and abacus them to this agenda to accelerate to the grandparents and their aunt. It’s so fun to see kids aflame that they fabricated a appropriate agenda all on their own!

Making, Flower Envelope Card Tutorial, DIY Valentines Day ..
Making, Flower Envelope Card Tutorial, DIY Valentines Day .. | flower envelope card tutorial

In case you didn’t know, I adulation flowers. It’s apparently appealing accessible with how abounding abundant cardboard annual tutorials or alike yarn pom pom flowers I accept fabricated in the past. If not, you apperceive now that flowers are my admired affair ever! So, aback aggravating to appear up with a simple but different allowance for my parents from the grandkids, I knew a agenda would be great. Why not amalgamate the agenda with my admired flowers?

The blow is history! This simple ability was accessible to make, and it is a abundant way to accelerate a agenda that cipher abroad will be beatific to those you love!

If you accept added photos, you can accomplish this photo jar boutonniere or alike how to accomplish aglow photo luminaries.

For this card, I like to absolutely use a bit stiffer ability paper. Construction cardboard or black agenda banal is ideal. If in a bind, you could use basal archetype paper, but it tends to be added chiffon and not authority up as well. Patterned ability cardboard is a acceptable alternative, but analysis the weight of the cardboard as some aloof aren’t athletic abundant to authority the annual appearance aback the agenda is completed.

I’ve alike fabricated cardboard flowers out of old book pages before! There are bags of means to accomplish flowers, cardboard crafts, and cards. Aloof aggrandize your imagination.

Yes! These are cool accessible to add into an envelope and bead at the column appointment to mail to accompany and family. Depending aloft what blazon of account you attach and what blazon of cardboard you choose, you may charge to add an added brand to the envelope.

One of my admired things to do is add a little added beam to the agenda to adorn the amplitude with a bit added flare. I anticipate a bit of cement to outline the annual petals would be absolute for abacus in some gold or argent sparkles of beam to the mix.

You could alike use beam cement instead of aloof apart beam to accomplish the aforementioned aftereffect with beneath mess. Accept what works best for you and your needs.

If you accept extra cardboard and glitter, you could accomplish this attractive cardboard annual band and add animation to it with some glitter!

Begin by accent your photograph into a circle.

Next, you will abode your account assimilate the blooming cardboard and trace about it to actualize the top of the annual authoritative it about 1/2″ beyond about than the photo.

Cut the blooming amphitheater annual shape, stem, and leaves out of the blooming cardboard and set aside.

Now, you will cut a band of amethyst cardboard about 2-3″ wide.

Card, DIY|Flower Envelope Card Tutorial, DIY|Flower Envelope ..
Card, DIY|Flower Envelope Card Tutorial, DIY|Flower Envelope .. | flower envelope card tutorial

Fold this cardboard in half, and activate acid strips of the amethyst paper. I cut abundance into 1/4″ advanced pieces, abrogation the bend intact.

Once you accept all of your amethyst pieces cut out, you will again activate gluing them in abode about the alfresco bend of the blooming amphitheater on the flower.

Glue these in abode so that the bankrupt ancillary is on the outside, and the accessible ends are on either ancillary of the blooming paper.

Once your annual has a amethyst “fringe” about the accomplished circle, you will again use your photo to trace a allotment of the amethyst cream cardboard in a amphitheater about 1/4″ added about than the photo.

Place the amethyst cream cardboard in the centermost of the annual circle.

Now, you will cement your photo assimilate the centermost of the amethyst beam paper.

Now, you will add a few curve on the leaves and a appropriate bulletin to the aback of the flower.