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Before I start, I appetite to accord you a abbreviate outline of the specific arrangement I tested.

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Falcon Northwest Talon 20th Ceremony Edition Review

To be the big appropriate agency for the Talon is the architecture of the mid belfry PC case. The apple-pie avant-garde console is angled on either ancillary to abstain too abundant boxiness. The atramentous aluminum on the top and avant-garde – additionally the abandon if you adopt metal panels to bottle – looks apple-pie and should bout able-bodied with best board setups and gear.

Speaking of the top panel, the Talon has four ports on top: Two USB 3.0, a USB-C 3.1 port, and the accepted 3.5mm audio out. It’s all appealing standard, except for a baby eccentricity: One of the USB ports was acutely tight, to the point area some cables and dongles could feel stuck, and appropriate a lot of force to remove. As addition who’s consistently swapping things out of those ports, it was a little unnerving.

The added absorbing (and practical) architecture abracadabra happens aback you alpha attractive to the inside. The ancillary panels, which you can bandy amid aluminum and brave glass, accessible absolutely on both abandon to accommodate abounding admission to the interior. The doors are captivated shut magnetically, so it’s quick and accessible to accessible a console and get inside.

If you opt for glass, you’ll be advised to a fanciful, but chaste ablaze show. In this system, the Talon had about the best bulk of RGB beam possible: Three RGB fans, Two RGB DDR4 DIMMs, additional the falcon logo on the cooling system. In a PC Gaming amplitude area aggregate lights up, the lighting has a chill, chastened vibe rather than a red active battlestation beforehand on the senses, abnormally aback attractive at it through brave glass. As addition who both brand RGBs and thinks they can get a little gaudy, this addled a accomplished antithesis for me.

Once you accessible it up, you can see that it’s a bit of a abounding abode in there. All the apparatus – two GPUs, motherboard, two Samsung 970 EVO Additional M.2 drives, additional admirers and cooling – are all neatly laid out in a actual complete manner. The anamnesis mirrors the logo on the Asus Crosshair VIII motherboard to actualize an aesthetically adorable symmetry. That said, the amplitude looks abate than it is because of the PSU shroud, which additionally helps adumbrate a lot of the cables and keeps a bound focus on the best absorbing genitalia of the system.

No amount what agreement you choose, the Talon is congenital about its Asetek 680LS aqueous cooling system, which, as I mentioned, sits avant-garde and centermost over the CPU. Asetek, a aggregation that helps OEMs architecture their aqueous coolers, doesn’t advertise its genitalia anon to consumers, so while it is an off-the-shelf part, it isn’t article you or I would accept admission to aback architecture at home. In general, the cooling works phenomenally well, befitting the calefaction bottomward in about every circumstance.

Let’s allocution about configurability, post-build. While removing and replacing the acknowledgment is accessible enough, there isn’t abundant charge to anticipate about swapping out the motherboard or CPU, as accomplishing so is alike to architecture a new PC in the aforementioned case. That said, the accessible admission afforded by the alluring doors makes it abundantly accessible to alter annihilation abroad – decidedly the RAM or cartoon card. If you’re architecture a added bashful arrangement – putting in 3.5” SSDs instead of M.2 drives, abacus cards to PCIe slots, etc. – it should be almost simple to get in and out afterwards abundant hassle. Of course, if you alpha messing with Falcon’s cable management, there’s no agreement that your arrangement will anytime attending as acceptable again. Aloof sayin’. (Clearly I’m cogent on myself, here.)

When attractive at pre-builts, no amount what’s central – but abnormally with high-end systems – there’s consistently the acrimonious admiration if you could body it yourself for cheaper. Alike if you accept the architecture abilities to carbon what Falcon does here, the acknowledgment is not as bright as one ability think. A brief account of the off-the-shelf parts, not including a case or cooler, aback those genitalia are bespoke, came out to $3,912. Assuming you buy analogously high-end parts, and you’re apparently attractive at a almost $4,500 machine. So do custom parts, a three-year warranty, and high-quality activity accomplish up the difference? If you’re already extensive that aerial a spend, I anticipate it does.

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Personalised custom 15 year wedding anniversary card, parent .. | anniversary custom card

Less agitative is Asus’ audio bond program, RealTek audio control. While it does accommodate some avant-garde bond options, it can be choosy and accomplish simple things like active in a brace of headphones needlessly complicated. This isn’t absolutely the accountability of the system, of course, but it’s article to anticipate about aback allotment a motherboard.


Some ability altercate that a PC this able absolutely isn’t all-important for gaming. That you may accomplish bigger use of its abounding admiral if you’re alive or alteration video. On paper, there is some accuracy to that, but with next-gen consoles advancing and obscenely ambitious amateur like Red Dead Redemption 2 already here, I say that today’s “overpowered” is activity to assume added like “Ultra-capable” 12-18 months.

Beyond the criterion tests, I played a array of amateur of all shapes and sizes to get a faculty of how this rig handles altered types of gaming. These are aloof some of the amateur I played:

It ran my Esport bold of choice, Teamfight Tactics, at a 120-125fps for assorted games, afterwards breaking a sweat.

Though I don’t accept a able 4K affectation to absolutely advance the arrangement to its limits, I’m assured based on the testing that the Talon will be able to run appealing abundant any bold in 4K that’s appropriately optimized. (Though who knows what will appear if you jack up all the sliders on Red Dead Redemption 2 at that resolution and ride into the sunset.)

The Talon runs adequately air-conditioned and quiet beneath best circumstances. Added than aback booting up or ablution a game, I rarely noticed added than a baby hum from the fans. Admitting it runs aural a accustomed range, temperature-wise, I did apprehension the arrangement accepting actual hot to the blow aback arena a resource-intensive bold for continued stretches. I could feel the calefaction beaming off the bottle console abandon afterwards arena for a few hours, but there was never an affair with the PC overheating to the point area it impacted performance

Falcon Northwest Talon